Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interactive Web Pages

Interactive web pages are very helpful.  They provide us feedback, clue, immediate answers... We can try it again and again even when we make mistakes.  They help us to save time.
We learned how to use hot potatoes and create activities by using hot potatoes.

Teachers pet

I know that, teachers pet is a very useful programme which works with word and leads teachers to create activities for their studenst.  I want to learn about how to organize or create activities for my students.
At the end of this task, I learned how to create synonyms, antonyms and jumbled paragraph activities. I think these are very useful.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Readability Statistics

I don't know anything about the nature of readability of texts
I want to know everything about ways of using the computer to determine readability that will be useful for me
No, readability statistics do not confirm my idea.

For example, I can choose some lexico-grammatical features such as the usage of about and check how is about used in my concordance.  Is it used after a word or before an adjective etc.  In other words I would learn the features of about and also teach my students.  I may use the same sentences from the concordance to give my students some practice.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vocabulary Profiling, CTE319, Data Driven Learning

Lexis is the stock of words in a language and the level of language consisting of vocabulary, as opposed to grammar or syntax.  I want to learn the relationship between the lexis and word fraquency and also learn more about the most common words.  In addition learn some online resources about lexis and word frequency that I can use.

I have learned about wordle, concordance, lextutor, color of words, frequency trainer and I believe that these are so useful for teachers.  For example, I can use a wordle and lextutor to find out the key words in a text and in which sentences and also learn about the word types.  Also, by using color of words I can learn about the word frequency and by using the frequency trainer I can train my students on word frequency.  So, I have learned about all of these and I think that I can teach them to my students also and my students can use them too.  These techniques and approaches will save some time for me and for my students and make things easier for us


Vocabulary Profiling

A native speaker might result better in such a test because frequency is related with practice and natives are using the language more than non-natives
Yes I was surprised but I don't think that frequency vary according to the type of English
It would be very good for them and they would become more successful, an English teacher need to know all of the frequent words in English

Friday, October 5, 2012

Vocabulary Profiling

I believe that computer picks up the frequent words very good and it is very useful and you save lots of time
Yes it is useful. It shows us the frequent words and in what context they are used, when reading long texts you may not recognize them but concordance helps us, for example I did not recognize the word adapt as a frequent word but concordance helped me!

Multi-conc helps students to identify whether a word is a noun, adjective or an adverb and in what contexts it is used.  Special training would help students to use the tool better.

Vocabulary Profiling

A prism shows us the color of light and colors gives us information about the frequency of words.
The usage of a same word in different genres would change but a frequent word is a frequent word so I don't think that there would be a big difference

I could use a vocabulary profiler to teach my students the most frequent words by using colors
Yes it is possible, a text can be given to the students and they can find the frequent words in the text by using vocabulary profiler
Wordle is more general, and vocabulary is more specific, I would use a wordle when I want my students to learn general things and when I want them to work specifically, I would use vocabulary profiler

Vocabulary Profiling

I have seen students failing to guess the meaning of an unknown word very often and this happens to me also.
Yes, strategies such as matching the meanings with the unknown words are advocated  and 9 out of 10 rule in guessing from the context is observed
It would be very good because when students ask some questions about word meanings, teachers would answer more confidently and have a rich vocabulary.

You can teach better and have a rich vocabulary and be confident while using the language
Students may learn the common words naturally but it is better if the common words are emphasized in a foreign language class so that students learn better
No, vocabulary can be learned while one is learning other things or with the usage of language.
Dictionaries can be good enough but word lists can be helpful also in order to practice the common words

Integrating Blogs

When I start using blogs with my students, firstly I can create a class and make my students have a blogger account so that; when I want to give an assignment I can use blogger and my students can send me their assignments back by using blogger also, in addition I can provide my students lots of resources and make sure that when my students are not clear about a point they can improve themselves and understand better some points by using blogger and the resources that I provide them, last but not least, blogger would allow us to be in contact all the time and they can get some feedback from each other and also from me.

How could you use Lextutor in teaching?

I would teach my students how to use a vocabulary profile and a concordance so that when I introduce them some readings, it won't be very difficult for them to tell me the key words in the readings.  Also, by using concordance, they can also tell me in which sentences the key words are used and we can make some discussions over the readings.


I can easily follow DDL principles in a f2f classroom better than other circumstances
DDL can be more suited individually
Computers and the Internet can enhance DDL in every extent

Vocabulary Profile
It can simplify the vocabulary of a text and so that students won't have difficulty
It would be useful to see the sentences that the frequent words are used

The sentences that the words are used
Whether materials are used as a noun or with an adjective
Authentic is stronger because it is used more than enhanced
With the use and exploitation of tools rather than ready-made learnware