Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vocabulary Profiling, CTE319, Data Driven Learning

Lexis is the stock of words in a language and the level of language consisting of vocabulary, as opposed to grammar or syntax.  I want to learn the relationship between the lexis and word fraquency and also learn more about the most common words.  In addition learn some online resources about lexis and word frequency that I can use.

I have learned about wordle, concordance, lextutor, color of words, frequency trainer and I believe that these are so useful for teachers.  For example, I can use a wordle and lextutor to find out the key words in a text and in which sentences and also learn about the word types.  Also, by using color of words I can learn about the word frequency and by using the frequency trainer I can train my students on word frequency.  So, I have learned about all of these and I think that I can teach them to my students also and my students can use them too.  These techniques and approaches will save some time for me and for my students and make things easier for us


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